virtual credit card - BEWARE!!!!


Desperate for some help.  I have a single property in Mexico and I am Canadian.  I recently turned on virtual credit cards and got a booking with a virtual credit card payment.  After the guest checked out I tried to process the credit card with stripe and it was declined.  I went back and forth with booking a stripe a bunch of time with booking saying there was nothing wrong with the card and stripe declining the charge.  I finally got stripe to escalate the issue and learned the the first 6 numbers of the virtual credit card were associated with high risk fraudulent transaction and that stripe would not process it.

I went back to booking 3 different times and explained this.  I send screen shots of the card being declined and I send the email that I received from stripe indicating that they would not process the card.

Finally booking issued a new virtual card but it started with the exact same 6 numbers and I was back to square 1. It was like they didn't even read my notes or my issues.

I called booking another 2 times and got no where.  Finally this past Sunday I called again and got someone who seems to understand the problem.  By this time I had read lots of booking forums and this is a problem. It seems that larger hotels can process the virtual cards but paypal and stripe wont for small clients.

I explained all the issue from the start including the fact that I can not accept direct payment into a bank account because I do not have a Mexican Bank.  I have been told because of money laundering rules booking can only directly deposit funds into a bank that it in the county of the property.  I can not simply get a Mexican bank as I am in Canada but also because it is very difficult for a non-resident to open a bank in Mexico.  The women I spoke to last week understood the banking issue and said that she was going to work with her supervision to have a request for an exception to me made and to have the funds deposited into a Canadian bank.

I just received a message back asking for my Mexican banking detail, when I have told 10 people, 10 different time that I do not, will not and can not get a Mexican bank account.

I have been given the run around for 3 weeks.  I have spend almost 20 hours on hold waiting for a solution.  To make the whole situation even worst, my account has now been suspended for an unpaid invoice. The whole situation is unreal.  Booking can owe me hundreds and hundreds of dollars and they freeze my account because I owe the $30.  

Can anyone help!!!!! How do I get paid!!!


You can mark in policies that prepayment via bank transfer is required after the booking. When guests makes a booking you send them your bank details and ask for the deposit/payment based on your policy. If the guest doesn't make the payment, you can make a report, booking.com then sends them a message to make the payment, if they don't do so in 24h you can cancel their booking.