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Virtual Credit Card clarifications needed

Hello all,

The virtual credit cards implemented on is a wonderful option that i have registered already. Unfortunately here in Thailand boutique businesses are not allowed to charge virtual credit cards through their credit card terminal (the function is disabled). I have spend months trying to find a solution by getting a virtual credit card terminal or by using an application but there are no options (square,paypal can not plus many others). I have contacted plenty of companies but can not. Nevertheless, i find a solution through a company to manage this but i have to pay a surcharge of 5%.

Now my question is, all the virtual credit cards has a surcharge of 2.6% on top of any charge of your bank fees? (normally 1.7% -2.2%). If yes then it is an issue as i will have to pay 5% for my service that i found to be able to charge the virtual credit cards plus 2.6%. 

As per my understanding, if the 2.6% surcharge applies to each and every transaction regardless my fees from the bank then i will have to stop using the virtual credit cards and start charging ONLY through my service in advance all the non refundable reservations (i require credit cards for all of my reservations made). This would be a bit of extra work (too much actually) but there is no other solution as per my understanding.

Kindly let me know your thoughts and please advice alternatives if any.

I appreciate your replies in advance,

Kind regards,

Gio Kyrkos

Hospitality entrepreneur


Hi Georgios, It sounds like you cant use Payments by , is this correct?


  • If it is an option I strongly recommend you let handle the prepayments from guest.


  • If not using the automatic messages, i.e. the first one have Guest notified of bank transfer info and or paypal or other methods to directly pay of your choice.  
  • If you do not remember which payment option you setup simply go to Finance , Financial Overview , its displayed on right pane. Kind Regards