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VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD & CoronaVirus Cancellations

I have just been informed from our Partner - that the issued Virtual Credit Card for Non Refundable Bookings made this year are now being pulled [giving the Guest a 100% refund] making all of our Future Bookings Cancellable up to the day of arrival.

Today the Clause 2.11 was cited as the agreement made between us and under there General Terms and Conditions

I have requested the contract and will be reading this closely and update this post.

In the meantime if any one has read this Clause and tell me does it mean they can shaft me, my take on a PARTNER was that we did things in an agreed manner, hence why my 40yr marriage has survived the test of time.

We like the Airlines and trying to survive have and do offer all of our Cancelled Bookings a 12mth Face Value Voucher for cancelled bookings made up to 7days of arrival, this Policy was and has been in practice since December 2019.

Comments please

Mr Spence Eng


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jaybeegee 2 years ago

Hi Mr. Spence 

I have yet to look at the small print in the contract even though I probably should considering that I had x4 bookings cancelled for March/April and all on a non refundable booking and when you have only one apartment it is a huge impact!

Parking what is in the contract, would you expect your guests to lose the deposit/fee in the circumstances? I actually reached out to a guest a month or so ago before all the *** started flying around as they were due to arrive the following week and were completely oblivious to the 2 week mandatory quarantine that the government had just imposed - I suggested they cancel and think it was the right thing to do.

I am sure many will do the same and suggest you don't bother with clause 2.11 ***

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Mr Spence 2 years ago

Hi Jaybeegee, great to here your take on this, but I am one of those that never lets go, described here in the Uk as a Dog with a Bone.

I will read it from top to bottom and over again to see if there are loopholes in what they are trying to do to us the small guy on the street.

Keep safe during these awfull times

Mr Spence Eng