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The virtual credit card is no longer working. What do we do?


We have 2 rooms on the name of TEMMERMAN. One of 158 EUR and one of 99 EUR. We can only charge the Virtual Card for 158 EUR, we can't charge the 99 EUR. The credit card is no longer working. What do we do know ? Shall we ask the guest to settle his bill upon departure with us today ?




I think I would request payment before checkout but you might want to run this by customer service.


How can I reach them ? If writes that there is a virtual cc then that should be the case right ?


If you go to your INBOX and then click BOOKING.COM messages, you will see the contact email on the right hand side. I could share my screen shot but each country is different.


Perhaps you should have added both 158EUR and 89EUR then charged the card for 247Eur

Leandri Klopper

Hey H9716,

Are you receiving an error when you tried to charge the Virtual card?

With these things I find it's easier to Phone for immediate assistance.

You can find their nr using this directory.

Best of luck

(PS I'd also like to know what the solution was please)