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Virtual credit card report

I have 2 questions;

1. Does anyone know if you can pull a report on the status of you VCC's - i.e. to check if you have missed processing any VCC's?

2. What do you do if you accidentally refund a VCC?. I have a new CC machine and pressed the wrong button and instead of billing the VCC, i issued a credit. The call centre had no idea what to do and promised me an email and a week later nothing. Same with a question posted to on the intranet. Radio silence.




Reminder this is only Partner hub Community, you must contact directly the BdC support Team.

Assumption here is you are referring to BdC issued virtual Credit Cards.  

  1. VCC reporting options  
    1. None in extranet that I know of, other than opening the Reservations List for a date period, and compare against Remittance reservations.  
  2. Canceling a VCC Refund.
    1. You can either contact your PoS provider and have them do it or contact BdC support to check if the funds actually were successfully added. as far as I know a VCC cannot receive credit depending on the type and issuer.



Kind Regards