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Visa card

Guest paid by visa card accepted on my machine but payment denied by bank.

On enquiry no explanation could be given officially but believe guest maxed her card just before booking in so when my transfer got processed there was no money left,.  Luckily for me I managed to contact the guest and she paid by EFT.

Two things were brought to light by this experience.

1. The process of payment by card is flawed because if the card is maxed out due to a transfer/ payment immediately preceding the guest booking in, your fee will be denied by the bank with the possibility of you losing a lot of money.

2. This particular guest booked in via a travel agent who refused to give details of the guest telephone number or address. If it hadn't been for an SMS the guest had sent me during her stay, I would not have been able to contact her and would not have been paid. My profile specifically requires the guest address and telephone number, but Booking. Com just ignored that requirement because the travel agent is a " good customer". You cannot endanger the host in this way.


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Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

That does sound stressful. There have been several posts on the forum regarding reversing payments.

In regards to travel agents, I have a lot of experience with those. I sincerely hope that doesn't force me to allow a travel agent to book without giving me the guest details as on all our other platforms we straight out Refuse to continue with the booking unless we have all the details of the person who will be showing up at the resort.

My experience is that it helps if you ensure the travel agent that you won't use any of the guest details for marketing etc.

Best of luck!

1 year ago

Hi Leandri

I didn't have any dealings with the travel agent, the booking was made with by the travel agent. Booking. Com told me that the travel agent is a good customer and they just comply with their wishes. Anyway I have learnt yet another lesson but feel will be very reluctant to cancel a booking done by a travel agent who refuses to give customer details which makes it very difficult for me


1 year ago
Asad Chaudary

Hi Iain - You got lucky on this occasion, but just make sure you put in place measures to ensure you're not at risk of this happening again in the future.

i.e. I'm not sure if you register guest details upon arrival, but having their contact details such as phone, email address would certainly be helpful.

1 year ago