Visa Debit headaches

Booking.com allows guests to book using visa debits (not a credit card) when our requirements are to have a credit card.  This cause many, many, many headaches from irate guests because book.com allowed them to book, taking out inventory offline as "booked", it opened up when guest is told their "fake" credit card isnt accepted.  We lose that rooms revenue for the night.  We have to follow up with booking.com since they are still trying to get paid on these fraudulent bookings.  We have given up asking them to stop and will be restricting booking.com for the 2021 season.





Totally unrealistic to expect in 2020 people to use a credit card over a Bank Card.


It shouldnt matter to you what have card type is used, money is money.


You cannot set your own card requirements its either all types or none, thats it, that simple.


Visa and mastercard debit cards are the norm in 2020 and have been for many years.


Now the evolution of VCC in recent years (for one time payments) 

and even online banking such as Revolut have also changed things where the IBAN prefix is not the same country as the account holder.


This is the new norm, move with the times or get left behind.



Kind Regards



I don't understand why you won't take a guests with a debit card.  Just weird.