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Want to inform about the recent payment done to you'll by Villa Donna.



Warm greetings


This is with regards to the recent mail you'll send us about the balance payment.

Hotel ID***

Invoice                            Invoice date         Days                      Original                Outstanding                                                                    outstanding             amount                   amount                                                                

***                   03.03.2020               3                     INR17.679,51          INR17.679,51

SCIN ***          19.03.2020                1                    INR11.303,00           INR11.303,00-

                                                                                          Total of due items           INR6.376,51

                                                                                       Account balance                INR6.376,51                 The recent invoice of that we received was amounting to Rs.17680/- out of which we have done the payment by deducting the TDS of Rs.6377/-   and the amount transffered to your account is Rs.11303/-

we shall share across our TDS certificate for the same  and will need your TDS certificate as well.


Thanking you


Khushi Dawda 

VILLA DONNA.                

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Message finance team on extranet directly.


Never post like this on here, this is not BdC support team.