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Weekly payments 16.3% commission now payable

From 1st june we know will pay 16.3% to use as our agent and get them to take payment on our behalf.

i don't have a credit card machine so i have no choice but to accept this.

what options or choices do others use?

i am going to start using other agents and looking at a channel manager, so i don't overbook any helpful hints or tips would be useful.

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Thuild - Your …

What do you mean you have you to pay 16.3%? For what?

How is that related to a POS?

22 days ago

15% minimum commission

and 1.3% credit card charge, have now started charging us when they take our guests payments.

I have now changed it so they pay me weekly rather than monthly, before it meant any booking arriving on the 1st week of the month i never got the revenue for 6 weeks.

I accepted this as it meant they had use of my revenue for 4/6 weeks before they paid me on around the 14th of the month.

I think after last month when quite a few of us didn't get paid and still some haven't this may cause Booking.Com some cash flow problems that they have not interpreted.

I have really enjoyed working with Booking.Com and only use them as my agent, but I am very fearful after last month non payment and lack of communication,for 2 weeks they kept us in the dark, not answering finance phones, no explanations, no announcements..It has been a long winter for most businesses and this was the first good money some businesses had earnt, they were desperate!!!

It hurt a lot of us and we felt betrayed, hurt and totally let down, we felt raped and violated and the strong business relationship we all had with Booking.Com has been destroyed. We have had no sincere heartfelt apology just a typed up pre typed rubbish. No reassurance it won't happen again.

We are their customers and they treated us like we did not matter and that we were shit on their shoe.

we felt thrown to the wolves and left for dead.

It could happen to you next month!! I listened to my other fellow hoteliers and the hardship stories they spoke of broke my heart. I am fortunate in many ways financially and personally but I have now realised that I can't keep all my eggs in one basket and will look into getting a channel manager and get other agents on board.

22 days ago