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what about risk free

hello, i had a reservation on the 20th of december 2019 , for the days 16th to 19th of January, im into the risk free program and they cancel it on the 24 or 25, now the reservation says LOOKING FOR A REPLACEMENT GUEST, what if they can't find anyone? they will pay me anyway at the same dates they do the payout?

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That seems to be the general idea, but there also seem to be some holes in the scheme from our perspective.  Make sure you leave the dates available.  There is a discussion within this Guest payments & finance area of the forum where booking.com try and explain but partners come across problems.  Have a read of it.

10 months ago
M Adamopoulou

When I had a Risk free reservation and guest canceled last minute I was paid by BDC a few days later as scheduled.

Wish you luck.

10 months ago
Craigdarroch H…

My scenario : i offer a non-refundable rate -  they get a discount , i get cash flow.  Simple!

I've just got a non refundable risk free booking!

With risk free they get a discount for a non-refundable  booking which they get refunded and i don't get the cash flow. 

Seems a situation i just lose from. If they want a refundable rate they can get one!

What's the point in having a non-refundable rate?


do booking.com keep the first guests money hope that the room resells at which point they get to keep the first lot of money?

10 months ago