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When the rent will be paid to my account

Can I know how long it takes to deposit the payment to my account 

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago pay on approximately 15th of the month, following the date of the check-out.  So if someone checks out on 20 May you will be paid on 15 June.  It's often a couple of days earlier than that.

Julie Day 2 years ago


Do deduct commission from the payment , like other sites...I cannot understand the process.

My first booking ( only one so far) arrived 30.10.19 and checked out 1.11.19.

The rental was £190 and and I see the  commission on my booking list... of  £30.16

not sure if they pay the £190 or the £190 less their commission.

It seems confusing. then the is something mentioned in FAQ about "virtual cretit card"!!!!!

no idea what that is 

can you help please.

Julie Day



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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

Yes, they make the payment after deducting commission. If guests checked out on 1/11/19 you probably won't get the payment until 15/1/2020. If they are processing your payments don't worry about the Virtual card info as it's not relevant.