when should i receive payment from booking.com ?

We have so far had 2 reservations completed on Booking.com The first guest was over the christmas period (5th and 6th of january here in spain is a bank holiday. the guests left on 4th but we received payment on the 10th only 4 working days later). The second guests left on the 12th Jan and the payment is still showing as "not sent" that is now 9 working days. Can somebody explain? many thanks 

Ilkay Akgun

Hi Barry,

Had a bad day yesterday, Sorry i bit!  

Many thanks for your response. BDC take payments directly from the guest at the moment of booking. We are then informed that we should RECEIVE payments within 10 working days of guests checking out. I wasnt aware that we could choose different payout methóds? Ill have a look and see what we have set up.

Anyway 10 working days have now passed and the payment still hasnt been sent. We are seriously thinking of dropping BDC, we have been using Airbnb for nearly 10 years without issues. they payout 100% 2 days after the guest checks in. There are lots of things with bdc that we dont like, non screening of guests, instant book,very high commision rates, Hosts paying commision rather than guests, payout AFTER check out. 

We have high overheads and rely on a steady stream of income especially in the quiet months like January. 

again thanks for your help, would be refreshing if somebody from BDC would answer our questions, we called the local number and were told to contact finance but we dont have a number and they wouldnt transfer us!


Ps is there really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Ilkay Akgun

Hi Barry update. YEs i can see we have the 4 times a month payment method. So if the guest checked out on the 12th january i would expect that payment would be sent on the 18th? its still showing as not sent this morning.....

Ilkay Akgun

hi barry. All bank details are correct and we are verified as we have received payments from other bookings which actually arrived within 3 days of check out....im going to try and call them again today and will report back...ta

Ilkay Akgun

Hi Barry..weird this. Under the booking reference it says payment not sent..yet in the invoice section it says payment sent 21st.....nothing has arrived

M Adamopoulou

Dear Ilkay,

"Payouts may take up to 10 days to reach your account, depending on your bank."

Mine always take 10 days to reach my account.

A few months ago,  some partners  had issues with late payments...

Hope your payment arrives soon.





Is anyone still waiting for payments from booking.com to land ? It’s been 10 business days now . Changed our bank from commonwealth to Cua and on the invoice it looks correct . Called the bank up and they can’t see anything pending . Very hard to get anyone from finance to help or any other department .