When will Booking pay, when the tenants enter in the apartment?

En un negocio, que cobras de Booking despues de pagar a tu proveedor-Propietario, ES UN NEGOCIO INVIABLE FINANCIERAMENTE, ya que cuanto mas crezcas en el negocio, mas necesitas financiarlo con los Bancos, si te lo financian claro, bajo garantias.

In a business, which you collect from Booking after paying your supplier-owner, IT IS A FINANCIALLY INVISIBLE BUSINESS, because more you grow in the business, more you need to finance it with the Banks, if your bank finance it, obviosuly - allways under guaratees.


¿cuando nos paga Booking, cuando entren los inquilinos en el piso? 

When will Booking pay, when the tenants enter in the apartment?

Francisco Jose…

Hello Leandri,

Booking pay me a rent I made through booking on 2 th to 7 th March, on 15 th April, 39 days later.

I have to pay to the owner for this rent on 5 th April, 29 days later.

I have a Cash Flow negative of 10 days.

The rest of the vacation webs pay 3 days after the entrance day, 5 th of March, 40 days before than Booking.

The problem is that I have to finance the owner payment by banks.

If I have more house to rent in Booking, I will have more negative cash flow, more finance problems. Booking has 40 days positive Cash Flow, better 100 days normaly.

Please, help me to work with Booking correct for me.

Regards from Francisco jose Diaque oliver