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Where are the "Monthly Statement Of Account" emails?

Hi - it looks like there's a new finance system & these emails seem to have stopped without warning - the ones with the Invoice, Monthly Statement Of Account and Remittance Advice attached.

I can see from the Financial Documents section of the admin site that they have been discontinued. So is there no way to get the Payout Information documents emailed automatically?

Additionally, the Payout Information documents are now missing the guest names, stay lengths and other things that helps to reconcile my accounts - is this intentional or just teething problems with a new system?

Matthew Bloch

Two more things:

  1. The guest name is actually only missing from 1 out of 3 of properties, so I'm hoping this is just a teething problem. I guess I'll see next month, but I miss having the dates of each stay quoted.
  2. The total of the Invoice document does not match the total of the (commissions + payment charges) on the Payment. It's a penny out - thanks! 😜
Matthew Bloch

3. Not only that, but for one of my properties, the Reservation Statement and Invoice completely omit the Payment Charge from their calculations. So their totals are *wrong*, assuming the money I received is "correct".

On that basis, the Payout Statement is the only reliable source for actual numbers.