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Who regulates platforms like

Paula McCaw

Payment not received from and problems since May 19.  Would it be worth contacting FCA in regards to regulating guest payments that takes on behalf of accommodations and ensuring their payout payment process is on time. should be penalised for late payout.


How has the conversation between you and BDC been regarding the issue?

They had problems in April/May, especially in the UK, with their payment system breaking down and took some time to correct it.

Make sure you've checked through your bank details on extranet, be 100% sure nothing has changed or gone out of date. There have been some subtle changes to UK banking recently so it's possible some data is not lining up correctly. Ask your bank if any payment attempts have been made for the amounts in question, get the reply in writing, not verbal and why said payments were unsuccessful.

Paula McCaw

Conversation with BDC lead to nowhere they said problems in all Europe with last week of August 19 payment but cant tell me what the problem is.  They say I'll get paid but don't know when.  Its impossible to get them to write proof of anything as they where to and have not done or to get anyone to give a date when payment will transfer.  I got paid the 1st week Sept 19 but still waiting last week August 19.  There has been no change on my bank details etc on any occasion. 

Started with problems when getting paid monthly, then I changed it to weekly payments just last month.  The first 3 weeks they paid me spot on then the last week problems.  This can not keep happening thats why my question is who regulates their finance commitments?