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Why am I still waiting for payments and why did you charge me 111€ in fees for an overbooking that was entirely the fault of charged us 111€ in commission for an overbooking, when the accommodation had been booked and on the calender for ten months!  I sent them the relevant booking information and screen shots in January and was promised an answer in 3 or 4 working days.  I have heard nothing and all my emails are ignored.  We have had 5 more overbookings for reservations clearly shown on the synchronised calender.


Also we have not been paid for second half of January, even though I have emailed and phone several times a week for 12 weeks!!! 


I suggest those of us who are struggling because of's contemptuous treatment of their "partners'  (what a farce)  join with me in a class action against their registered office in Amsterdam.  We dont' have to pay, my son is a barrister and qualified solicitor.


iCal (calendar syncing) is not done instantly. You either use/purchase chanel manager or update availabilty manualy. iCal feature is used as a last resort more as a helpful tool, but not to depend on it. So if you got overbooked because calendar did not automaticly synced fast enough or didn't work at all it's basicly your fault because you did not update availabilty manualy.




Dinah McAlees

Who are you?  Did you read what I wrote?  The booking was on the calender for TEN MONTHS!!  Yes, of course, I checked it manually and checked regularly  as it was such a long booking.  I'm not an idiot!  I suggest you go and troll somewhere else


Yes I read what you wrote.. obviously you didn't describe clearly enough and didn't provide a more detailed information. Based on your post it may seem logical from your perspective. From mine it is not, although I host on on and other channels for more then 10 years, hosted thousands and thousands of guests, so I assumed what would be the case from my perspective and experiences.


When was the booking made?

Did you mark it as a no-show or did you just leave it active for ten months?

Did you report an over booking on the time when you received this booking?

Do you host on other platforms, and was this the reason you got overbooked?

If you host only on, perhaps you made a mistake setting availabilty number of units?

Do you use feature Payments by

etc.. etc...


I highly doubt that an overbooking was BDC's fault. 


Dear Dinah,

You can try to dispute those charges and kindly ask to not charge it to you.

From my experience, if you didn't have the booking, but manually made the room unavailable, it will NOT sync.  You need to go to alll platforms and manually block those dates.

It should be in writing from BdC but it is not and you can ask for the dispute.

Also, Airbnb has or had  a lot of issue with syncing. Always need to double check it.  

I hope it helps.  Marita

Dinah McAlees

Hi, thanks for the response.  The original booking, with air bnb was automatically synchronised almost immediatly.  It remained on both calenders for ten months.  I don't enter bookings manually.  I have been doing this for 7 years.  I have no idea how allowed the overbooking, since the original booking was still.on the calender.  They promised to look into it, but have never replied, to my written requests and, when I phone, they say they will get back to me, but they never do.  I get exactly the same response when I ask about the missing January payment. 



"Sync times can vary. This depends on what platform the guest makes the booking on. For example, if a hotel reservation is made on, it could take just two hours for your availability to be blocked out on your Airbnb calendar – but it could also take up to 12 hours. However, by manually pressing the sync button on the extranet you can pull all your reservations from other channels into your calendar at any time."


"The AirBnB iCal calendar tool updates only twice daily, which means that updates are not instantaneous. But you can trigger the update yourself by clicking on the "My calendar is up-to-date" tab on the top right hand side of your calendar."


Also many hosts already complained that calendar syncing is not stable and sometimes not working at all. And will not take responsibilty for that nor AirBnB.


You don't enter bookings manually sure, but you should close/update availabilty manually. 


Good luck with your solicitor lol, you'll need it.


Yours trully, troll pibomarco