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WHY BOOKING.COM not replay our message ??

why we send many request for help ?

no replay??

what did we can do?



  1. its 'reply'
  2. there should be no sense of entitlement to a n instant reply.
  3. patience padawan, it can sometimes be days to catch up on all outstanding enquiries, and also its the weekend.
  4. post  indetail here what your enquiry is so one of us can see if its something we can advise on and therefore get you an answer and possible solution alot sooner.
  5. you are in partner hub community ,addressing fellow partners only , not BdC support.

1.We wait for long time for reply.

2. for the order from Booking and Agoda via Booking no show no pay!

3.Booking web site show wrong no room message , We got no order for 3 days.