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Why not getting paid by

Hi I'm having problems getting paid by I have called and messaged them over the last 7-10 days and nothing has happened.  I'm on weekly payout and my guests checked out 20/07/2020 & 24/07/2020.  Business has been challenging enough this year and I could do with these payment problems. Not impressed at all.  



Hi Simon 


Check the new layout under Finance Menu, in particular have a look at Docs & Invoice.…


If it still doesnt make any sense, all you can do is message or call Finance team during  normal hours on the dedicated phone number under Finance Overview.


Or anytime, message or phone the main dedicated BdC support to create a ticket to get Finance dept

William Dennett

I begin to suspect that are thieves, just had a contact from them threatening to withhold payments they have taken, so good luck


No they are not thieves. But it does not mean they can't face cashflow problems


agreed. Having some issues myself for September.

Like Home Sdn Bhd

They didn’t pay us for a year ! We have called them million times and same answers “ we are working on it “ that’s all 

since December 2019 until today January 2021 no payout from BDC. This is not acceptable at all