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Why requiring a CVC code may reduce the conversion in

I always wonder, why if you request to provide guests' CVC code together with the Card Information, the reservation conversation will significantly drop? 

Post 3 years ago

It is completely understandable that conversion rates will fall when you request CVV codes.

Ask yourself the simple question :

Do I wish to trust a complete stranger with this extremely sensitive information ?

It is now an easy matter for an identity thief to sell credit card details to someone who will produce several copies of the credit card, and they can in turn empty an account in minutes if they coordinate their attack.

This kind of serious criminal act is unfortunately increasing, and this will make consumers wary of a small newly established business which might be bona fide or might be just a scam.

However, I will willingly give up the CVV code EVERY time we make an online payment for a flight and a hotel because the transaction and card details go through a highly sophisticated third party banking solution with an excrypted system.