Why visitor pay lower of my prices?

Hello. I have in my house fix price 28€. One visitor make a reservation and booking tell me that visitor he will pay 25,20€ and for this amount the paypal they fee. Why the visitor pay 25,20€ instead 28€ ??? 

I mean from 28€ from my house i get 20-21€???

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Hi Ilias,


If you open the reservation details page, and scroll down to the section PAYMENT DETAILS. 

Just after that section will be the Room Type Booked and summary info, simply click on this to see a break down. and the names of the rate plans /promotions/ genius rates applied.


Date... Rate ... Price


Ps: when building a Rate plan, you need to consider what stacking discounts can do, and should the nraise the rate accordingly.


To me 28 euro per night with no minimum stay, its extremely low.

28 per night would be fine for monthly rate, i.e. 28 night minimum.

Kind Regards, Be Safe Be Well


PS: your partner profile is still  incomplete, missing listing URL, please update to it as it can at times greatly help us help you when the time comes.


Guide : How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


BdC Support Team HowTo: Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

21 days ago
Ηλίας Κλημεντίδης

Yes I went into the details of the booking. I just can not understand how the € 25.20 amount from the moment I have declared 28 in the diary.

Is € 25.20 a net amount without the booking fee?


21 days ago

It is a 10% discount.  Are you a member of the Genius club? or other promotion that gives 10% discount.

Contact help team if you are not sure.

21 days ago
Ηλίας Κλημεντίδης

I am not in Genius club. And if i am, the 10% discount he take the visitor?

P.S. I dont understand how can i send ticket to help center. Only via phone i found but i dont know very good english and i prefer write a ticket or email

21 days ago