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Wrong invoicing

Dear Concern 

Please the invoice you send to me as per invoice $ 6,94 charge to me when i didnt get any booking through then why you send the invoice to me.

Waiting for your positive response .


Syed Kashif Raza 

Syed Kashif Raza

When you send me first invoice $ 3.84 then how can its possible that you send the second invoice $698 please check your system and then send the reply.

Community Admin

Hello Syed Kashif Raza! Thank you for posting in the Community! Your request requires from us to check specific information with regards to your invoices. Therefore it is not possible for us to provide the information you need via this platform. Please contact us via your Extranet, by clicking to the tab "Finance" and then "Financial overview". In this page you will find the option "Send us a message". Best of luck!