Wrong payments regarding my properties

Hi there,

I have 4 wrong payments to sort out with Finance but nobody answers my emails or my calls. Since May every single payment is coming wrong. I don't know how many times I called Booking.com I spoke with them. They emailed Finance to fix the mistake but nobody gives a ***. It is quite annoying because my guests paid and Booking is not paying me the right amount. One payment I should get 180 euros (commission already deducted) and Booking.com paid me 67.04 euros. Where is it the other 112.96 euros? Anyone here is facing the same? Any advice on how to sort this out? Thanks for any help.

Walter de Brito

Hi BrookAve, Thank you for your message. As I wrote in my message, I already contacted support many times and only finance has the power to sort out. Booking support and I also tried to contact finance and they don't answer our emails and calls. I also use the hashtag #advice in my post because I have been using the message system and phone for 3 weeks and is not working. I am aware neither support nor finance teams will see this. This is the reason I used the hashtag #advice to try to find another solution in case another partner is facing or faced the same problem.



I understand that Walter, but only Finance Department can ultimately fix it.

tagging Communities Team  to see if they can escalade it as an action