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Yordan Hristev

Dear Sirs,

I am sending you a request for assistance.

First email.

I appreciate our long-standing relationship, but I ask for clarification on this action. How do you recover money on our behalf without our consent and then oblige us to pay you? The Lake Villa has always adhered to and abides by all accommodation, reservation and cancellation policies. In the case of reservation number *** the customer does not have the right to cancel their reservation for free. We have repeatedly responded to a request from you to review the case and have given you full information about the case. Please, for your negative reaction and explain why the amount was refunded without our consent. 

Second email.

You are giving me an absolutely unacceptable explanation for trying to cover up the situation, I am giving you the following explanations, the guest asked us after marking an invalid card to get more time to put money in the card and use it again. After considering the client's wish we withdrew the amount. On the day of waiting and welcoming the guest, the request for cancellation started. Please review the case and do not put us in a weakness. Please cancel the amount requested by us.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi! Yordan,

Since this is only a Partner Community, I think you have to resend your message request through your Extranet inbox tab directly to

Wish you well.