You sent me an invoice but The guest did not arrive

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Reservation number ***  made an reservation but I couldnt see it in my app. something was wrong so he tried to call bud I have no messages on my answering mashine. Anyway he wanted to cancell and I anwered as soon as I saw the booking (to late ) that it was ok to cancell without fee. You sent me an e-mail and I answered . didnt see the booking untill you sent me that mail. But I couldnt klick no show - probably since the guest booked så late....  so now  ypui sent me an invoce for a booking that was cancelled .... what to do?        

Jeanette Holmgren

This is the invoice 

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Momsregistreringsnummer:Fakturanummer :***


Period:2021-02-01 - 2021-02-28