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Has anyone else been unable to process a VCC payment as their POS does not allow payments unless the cardholder is present. 



Hi Yvonne


Please understand there is more than one type and method.


Example of how:

1. Sign up for promotional offer with SUMUP :

2. THey supply a device, and then you get a portal access. 

3. While you wait for delivery of the device phone or message the mon how to access the service for charging VCC and CC online,. 

This is typically referred to as Virutal Terminal, but has to be requested.

You simply tell them you need to be able to charge VCC/CC without someone present.


a ePOS is typically an app on smart phone.

Most of these payment gateway services have a payment link feature in the portal, where you can simply send a product payment link and the guest pays using thelink with multiple payment options.


Another service is, no device , but online .


All of this will give you benefit of being able to :

  1. Take Deposit via prepay payment link sent to Guest
  2. Take prepayment for booking 
  3. Take payment during stay




Kind Regards


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