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Booking cancellation

Hi there, I m facing a booking prblm as i have all my rooms booked but 75% cancelled the same day of arriving by phone. So I can do anything to cancel them and the client did do it by themselves in orther to pay nothing. So How should I do to free the rooms again without waiting till midnight for non presentation as I m loosing other opportunities ans another clients. Thx

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AG Lodging is not aware that the reservation is cancelled if it is done by telephone, messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, email, pigeon post, smoke signals, ... To manage cancellation properly, it should be reported through BDC system (extranet or pulse). There are 3 ways to do this:

1) guest cancels from his side: the guest must select the reservation and click cancel

2a) you cancel on guest's request: if guest asked you to cancel by methods mentioned above, you select the reservation and click "Request to cancel reservation". The system will ask you whether the guest wants to cancel or you. Answer that guest wants it. Then, the guest will receive the notification which he must confirm. In that way, Booking is sure that he indeed wants to cancel.

2b) Same as above, but the case when you want to cancel for some reason. This is not the case here.

In either case, the dates will release and will appear as free immediately.

5 months ago

If they have paid on line under strict cancellation policy, you still get paid if they cancel.

4 months ago