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Booking Connect credentials

I am trying to follow instruction about booking API on 

but I can't log in with my email and password? is this separate platform from extranet? Thanks. 

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Leandri Klopper

Hey there,

Thanks for asking. Wow that is a great website, I never knew it existed. It looks like it is part of the brand. I can't help with the log-in problem but yes it's seperate from the extranet as far as I can tell.

Maybe send us some feedback if you figure it out.

Keep well!

11 months ago
Laura, Communi…

Hi U Lukovic88,

Thanks for your post!

This website is the portal for our connectivity partners (channel managers and property management systems) so they can integrate the extranet features into their own interface. It requires different credentials than the extranet. If you need help with logging in, please send a message through the extranet inbox.

- Laura

11 months ago