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1 gave my account (including rating and reviews) to a competitor! I am so angry!

In 2017 I rented an apartment from the owner and I rented to tourists via Airbnb and, I used my business name "Venice No Stress Apartments" for that apartment too, as it's my brand name of all apartments I rent to tourists.

In two/three months I got 13 glowing reviews with a rating of 9.8 !!!

This year I decided not to rent this exact apartment but an other apartment in the same building, so I thought that I can continue with the same account and the same rating accrued.

The owner of the old apartment rented it to a competitor of mine, who contacted and asked them to get my property account and continue with it!

I find it absolutely unfair, as they start with my reviews and my rating, and even with my business name.
In my country (Italy) this is unfair competition and it's sanctioned by law.

I think they should start with a fresh new property account and my account should stay freezed while I start again at the same address (new apartment). doesn't think so, apparently.

So you can see "Venice No Stress" that is my business name and my rating and my review at the page (and in its URL as well!!)

What do you guys think?

Tommaso Merkel
Venice No Stress Apartments

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I think it sounds complicated.
And I think it is not that much the case of a brand, but it's the case of the property/location/unit and the ownership.

1 year ago


Are you a employee?
Is your opinion an offficial statement?

Are you Italian too?
Then you know Italian Civil Code.

They can't use neither the brand name of a competitor nor his reviews, this is clearly stated by art. 2598 of Civil Code.

Art. 2598 Codice civile

Ferme le disposizioni che concernono la tutela dei segni distintivi e dei diritti di brevetto, compie atti di concorrenza sleale chiunque:
1) usa nomi o segni distintivi idonei a produrre confusione con i nomi o i segni distintivi legittimamente usati da altri, o imita servilmente i prodotti di un concorrente, o compie con qualsiasi altro mezzo atti idonei a creare confusione con i prodotti e con l'attività di un concorrente;
2) diffonde notizie e apprezzamenti sui prodotti e sull'attività di un concorrente, idonei a determinarne il discredito, o si appropria di pregi dei prodotti o dell'impresa di un concorrente;
3) si vale direttamente o indirettamente di ogni altro mezzo non conforme ai principi della correttezza professionale e idoneo a danneggiare l'altrui azienda.
About the difference between the economical activity or business and the phisical place (property/location/unit as you say), it seems to me obvious that the two are very different things.
If a bar/restaurant/hotel moves to a new location and keeps all his staff and management, wouldn't it keep his page and his reviews on tripadvisor?
If a hotel is closed for few months/years and then get taken by a new management, how the reviews of the old management would help the customers?
If I open a touristic rental in a flat where the previous year someone run a low-quality b&b, why should I inherit the reviews?
The management (the company that makes the economical activity) is way more important than the exact address where the activity is done. It's common sense and all Italian law states is this sense.
Reviews should be posted to help customers, not to deceive them.
It the activity changes and the management changes, no reviews should be inherit.
Plus, let's talk about privacy.
They can now see all invoices and bookings of my activity last year.
Isn't it against any normal business practices?
I am suing about this and I will get a big compensation.
1 year ago

That is a very unethical practice taken by and I believe that there should be

a REGULATOR established to monitor businesses like I find that their site

does not give enough facilities to fully describe an owner's property and they are not prompt

in responding to enquiries.

1 year ago

I think my set up is exactly the same as yours but I am based in the UK.

My business name manages apartments for several private owners. I manage a few in the same building which are grouped together and others listed individually at different addresses.

If your business name is on the account than that belongs to you, the owner of the property surely cant pick up where you left? will have all your details attached to that account. You need to contact and instruct them to close the property account. If you don't get any help, speak to a human it usually works.

1 year ago

Tomvenice if you need a employee, ask them directly via extranet or call them. This is a community where we share our opinions and experiances. No I am not Italian.

My friend became a new owner of a local restaurant that had a tradition of 25 years. On tripadvisor he claimed the existing listing.

Listings on tripadvisor etc are mostly based on a location, not the brand. Depends from what point of view are you looking at. You must understand that almost everything is automated because of huge amount of properties/listings etc.. I guess you could claim the business brand on the different location, with corresponding and supporting with the evidence which takes time. I had a double listing on tripadvisor with a little missleading data.. It took "forever" that I maneged to delete one.

Also once you change the bank account details, ownership in extranet the past invoices are deleted. But the property, reviews etc stays the same. Owner is the bigshot. You were just a middle man selling his units lol.
LEts say you move to renting a shithole.. You want those reviews from a A1 class property to be transfered to a shithole? It doesn't work that way. Reviews are based on the property/location not the brand.

Again I am not an expert, you must contact an expert regarding this matter.

1 year ago