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Calendar Sync Not Working - Ongoing Problems

Yet again, calendar sync has lost the exports to other OTAs and I've had another double booking.

This happens with all of our properties on The problem is only with Other OTAs sync properly with each other, but none of them can sync properly with Other owners tell us they are having the same problems.

I have reported the calendar sync problems to The idiot support staff tell us all sorts of nonsense about how it's our job to manually refresh every few hours and things like that. The whole point of calendar sync is to automate a manual process and prevent double bookings.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with someone at who has more than one brain cell and can get the tech team to fix it?


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Barry Reilly

Indeed, as someone who work ins in IT 20+ years and specfically deals in automation i nrecent years, I totally agree this is an embarassment for BDC.

Because of it I had to disable it and not use other sites, just BDC for now.

Manual sync is totally unacceptible.


1 month ago