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Cancel a reservation

For some reason closed the availability of the apartments from the first of February. When I noticed that it was closed, I opened again the general availability for the rest of the year. Without noticing that for the date of 20. to 22. April the establishment was already booked. To my surprise on Sunday, February 4, I received 4 reservations for this date. Which we had only one apartment in case of overbooking, since we have different companies that live all the time in our establishment. I have written for the guests who made the last reservations, to ask them cordially to cancel, as we do not have more apartments available, but we have not received any answers at the moment. Is there a possibility to make the cancellation effective knowing that the reservation is for within 2 months? (20th April)

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You've done the first step in attempting to inform the guest that you can't accept them on the days in question and giving the guest the longest possible time to find an alternative. I would however follow that e-mail up with a phone call, not everyone checks their mail regularly or it maybe missed. Make sure the guest is 100% aware of the situation. It might not go down great but it's better than them turning up at your reception on the day with a confirmed booking and saying they never saw your e-mail.

Next you need to work on a recovery soloution to keep the goodwill of your guest.You could offer to change the dates if the guest is flexible or provide them with some alternative accomodation options if you work with any other properties in your area, you can advise and they can transfer the guests booking over (just be aware you will be charged the difference in rate).

1 year ago
Eliot Pister

Why is there no easy button to cancel a reservation as a host? For a variety of reasons this may be necessary. Why does force a host to have to convince the guest to initiate a cancellation? Or am I missing something?




24 days ago