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Different availability for Short stays and Long stays

Hi there,

I was wondering if you have an idea how we could solve an issue we are facing.

We usually are targeting long stay guests 28+ nights. But if availability is given or in low seasons we do accept short stays also.

We have a standard rate and a long stay rate on loaded, but we can only upload availability for the category. Is there a way to have different availability for the long stay rate and another one for short stays.

Our apartments are categorized in different categories, so we do have e.g. 10 Studio apartments. Now we have one gap from 15. - 20.06.2018 and than 5 Studios free from 01.06.2018.

So if we load to from 01.05.18  the 5 Studios + the above mentioned gap actually send for the gap 6 Studios. So the issue is that we can receive 6 bookings for the period 15.06. - 20.06.2018, but actually we wanted to sell only the gap and keep the other Studios for long stays.

I hope you got my point. 

Thanks in advance.





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Thuild - Your …

Hello Roman,

I remember answering your question. Maybe something happened to my comment on your previous thread.

You can make this happen if you want to risk overbooking. However, you have the following options:

1. create 2 room types, one for short stays and one for long stays

2. keep full availability for the one with long stays, meaning that you will always have them available to be booked

3. close the short stay room type at all times, only open them when you have a gap in the long stay room type

Your risk can be the following:

a) you have a booking now as long stay, they leave next month on the 10th, after that you don't have any reservation for that apartment for the next 2 months, this inventory is open for booking

b) you have a 2 month period now that can be filled with short stays, so this inventory is also open

c) you get 2 short stay bookings, one on the 15th of next month and one in July the 10th, now you need to manually close the long stay bookings until the July 10th leaves, because if not you can get a booking after when the 15th booker reserves and they can book from 14th till July 11 and you will need to relocate 2 reservations

You choose how you want to do it, just keep in mind that it's tricky to handle manually, better with a Channel Manager.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Roman Sytnyk

Hi Zsolt,

thanks, well for sure we will use a Channel Manager but I guess its also about the PMS if he is supporting different availabilities on the rate level. I will need to check it with our provider.

Thank you very much for your help.


1 year ago