Double Bookings

I have been a partner with Booking.com for less than a year. The letting business has gone well and 90% plus of our bookings have come through Booking.com. However, twice now Booking.com has double booked our rooms.

We only have 3 rooms to let in the house we live in. On the first double booking occasion by Booking.com we reported it to them. We got no response at all. In the end my partner and I vacated our own bedroom and slept on the sofa to accommodate the extra booking. Not acceptable.

Recently we had another double booking created by Booking.com. This was our premium room and we have no alternative (and equivalent) room to offer. We requested that one of the bookings be cancelled. Belatedly we were asked to find alternative accommodation for the guest we requested a cancellation for, due to Booking.com's error, which we declined to do. Now Booking.com has said they will seek alternative accommodation for the cancelled guest. In a patronising manner they said that on this occasion they would not charge us commission (on the cancelled booking).

This is totally unacceptable. For goodness sake Booking.com fess up when you get things wrong. Own up to it. Deal with it and do not pass off the responsibility for your failures to your partners. If you want to grow a successful business, stop just going through due process and box ticking and start reacting in an appropriate manner.

Jon Pavitt

Tressa House

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I am experiencing the double booking thing right now and I'm not sure what to do? I have two double bookings ... please help

1 year ago

I think you just have to push back hard. Appropriate response and process does not appear to be the Booking .com Modus Operandi

1 year ago

No one from booking,com dared to reply to my concern. I have a double booking this coming Dec. 14. The airbnb booking was confirmed very much earlier than here but booking.com still booked the Dec. 14 here in this site, giving me a double-booking on my unit. I have been emailing them regarding this but haven't receive any reply until now.

1 year ago
Claire Conners

I also have been experiencing double bookings from Booking.com - despite having synced my calendars and manually updating (due to the updates taking approx 24 hours to synchronise).

I have been on Airbnb for about a year - incredibly happy with process, systems and payments. I thought I would expand to Booking.com, but its been disastrous... their system is NOT AIMED at guest houses/BnBs but more the bigger, detached hotel groups and chains.

The first double booking, I reached out to the guest and they cancelled from their side.

The second one, a booking came through on 22 March (for 28 Mar - 2 April). I am aware that sometimes the calendars are not updated for up to 24 hours so need a manual update, but I had had an existing Airbnb booking since 6 March (thats SIXTEEN DAYS). I told the guest there was an error and the place was not available. She was understandably disappointed with Booking.com as she had paid in full, but the guest dealt with Booking.com who she said "cancelled the booking". I then got a rude call from an uppity Booking.com woman saying I needed to relocate the guest. I only have one house available so this was not possible. Booking.com are now charging me 50% of the total booking cost as "relocation cost / complaint cost/ D11" = EUR 700. I find this completely unacceptable. The error was on their side and now I have to pay them EUR700!!???? . SHOCKED at this. This is 20% of my total earnings to date from Booking.com, so its not like its very successful. And this penalty is over and above the 20% commission they already help themselves to.

Emails to their customer service also get no response - just notices of invoices they will deduct off my payout.

Booking.com sort your integration system out - and while you at it improve the mobile app which is clumsy ** with limited functionality. This is not the last you will hear from me - and at this rate, I will be taking my property off this platform.

1 year ago