Guests not living up to what they agreed on

Offering one of the lowest prices in the Netherlands I demand guests to agree and live up to my special concept of not having any reception around, entering with a door code, registering and paying in advance, drying everything that was left wet, like shower, sink, floor, etc.
BOOKING.COM SEEMS TO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY FOLLOWING REQUESTS: 1 My consent, for admission for Booking.com guest service into communication with the guest. 2 Block for giving a review after misconduct (= repeatedly not living up to what the guest agrees on). 3 My consent, for admission for Booking.com guest service in my special concept (house rules), in which I and the guest agree that the guest can be asked to leave the property without reimbursement of any remaining nights or deposit. 4 To see the host as a partner instead of an enemy. = First verify that what the guest claims corresponds to what I have to say about it and no discussions about "true" or "not true," before literally threatening to pass on the costs of relocation. 5 Including a summary of my concept in the fine print. 6 Recognition of my refusal of guests who have not complied with my repeated request to send a photo of ID data and to repeat+agree with my conditions within the 48 hours that I propose. Despite my repeated request to repeat my conditions before agreeing or to cancel the booking and avoid the costs of the entire booking 3 days before arrival the guest repeatedly didn't want to repeat my 5 conditions, simply replying that he agreed with everything.
I was literally threatened by Booking.com guest service, to host him anyway under threat of the costs for an alternative stay. As I returned home myself in order to make sure that he wouldn't cause any problems, I had to send him away immediately after the first night because, as expected, he simply wasn't drying the shower, the floor, leaving all sinks and taps with lime scale and eventually mold. In the end, the booking was simply cancelled by Booking.com and the payment for the first and remaining nights was paid back to the guest. In addition, all messages that show that the guest has never complied with my request have been removed, including my request to pick up his things that are still in my locker and to return the key.
The guest was allowed to give me a review with the lowest possible score, threatening me with the police because I seem to refuse to return his things. When I contacted Booking.com by telephone in order to let the guest know to pick up his belongings, as I couldn't contact him anymore, I never received the written confirmation of this that was promised to me, and suddenly everyone (except me) seems to have decided that this case is closed. Anyone else having this experiences?
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