Guests Sharing a space, any help on that?

I have a 2 bedroom apartment.  Does anyone have any experiences with 2 different guests booking 1 bedroom each and sharing the common spaces?

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Don Burns

We have a similar arrangement in our house's downstairs guest space:  2 bedrooms (each with a queen-size bed), 1 full-bathroom, 1 TV lounge and 1 private balcony for both bedrooms.


We do not rent the unused second bedroom, unless the people are friends and/or family of the renting guests.  This makes it nicer for everyone; especially when there is only one bathroom for the entire floor.


We charge by the bedroom and not by the number of guests.  We will lock the unused bedroom, if we think the two guests will sleep in separate bedrooms, instead of sharing the same bed.


Our rental guestroom website is:  www.MeadowsLair.com

4 months ago

I tried it but no one booked. I now turned it off for the Fall Winter. I might try it again next year. 

4 months ago