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Guests violate policy


I am new here. 

I have been renting my property since June (short letting) and today I have encountered the first guests to violate a policy. 

We have a no pets policy listed (along with no smoking indoors, and maximum number of guests 6). It has been brought to our attention that the guests have got a dog with them.

6 guests were supposed to show up, only two showed up at that time and they told me "the others are coming later". This typically means that they will exceed the allowed number of guests.

Any tips? 

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Angela @Promhills

Ask them to leave, or insist they do. Or tell them to take the dog home or to a carer, then return. Our operating licence stipulates it is illegal for us to allow pets inside our accommodation, it in breach of the food handling component of the health act we operate under. Maximum occupancy limits also fall under this act. As owner, I would get serious penalties (+$3000 in fines and 6 months in prison) for allowing this if caught - this is not a risk I am willing to take and have evicted a few people over the 12+ years I've owned this business. I assume you have clearly explained the rules when they booked, so they have no excuses, they have broken the rules - It might be a bit harsh, but I'd evict them.

11 months ago

I haven't spoken to the guests yet. Luckily I do have an external camera, and it was disclosed to the guests in person besides being listed on (they booked through

Thank you both for the information, hope this turns out well.

11 months ago