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how to avoid double bookings due to weird functionality in the system


I have 1 apartment on - been using the site for about 6 months - always had availability set to '1 room' - go a few bookings for early June but today another booking came in overlapping the booking that already had made.... so weird - I double checked - I have always '1 room' to sell - so assumed that if 1 is 'sold' wont accept another booking!  BUT IT DID

I rang Brisbane support number and the chap told me some convoluted story - which I have great difficult getting my head around - he said; that 'yes its a bit strange' and somehow (as I understand) he explains once a booking is taken - the system somehow makes it available again - Well to me (as a software developer of almost 40 years experience - doing this in my retirement)  that is totally crook, it just should not happen - Anyway - as I said - his explanation was convoluted and I had difficulty trying to understand - his explanation just was not clear. 

My problem being now is - that I cant trust systems to make sure this does not happen.  Is there any way or something I can do to ensure this does not happen in future?  Its too risky and if I cannot resolve this I will have to change over to Expedia (they are making a strong push to take over owners like us away from

Any advice is great appreciated.



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