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How to contact my guest

 I need to contact my guest urgently but these is no contact number provided. Its overbooking.  I've choosed the button that the guest need to provide their contact number. but this didnt happen.


How to contact them?..  I tried to chat to them, but ALL my guest didnt answer. Seems they didnt bother to chat throuh 


Can you help me. Tq.

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Jessie & Jay (…

Hi Haslina,

1) Call you local support phone number ASAP. To find your local support phone number sign in to extranet ( Click on the "IN BOX" icon and on the left side scroll down and under the heading "Didn't find what your were looking for" you will see your local support number.

2) You can try emailing them from within the extranet ( Go to the reservation and then "Send new message".

This is how it is done in Canada. Hope it is the same for your location.

Best Regards,

Jay & Jessie Clifford

9 months ago