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How do you welcome your guest?

I'd like to know from other hosts how you choose to welcome your guest. Usually since I am not at home most of the time - I leave a wine bottle and a personal letter and guests love having that. 

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Erin Weigel

Hi Julia,

Like you, I'm not there physically at the property to welcome the guest. I also leave a bottle of wine with a handwritten note for their arrival.

I also have a remote access system that sends me a push notification so I can see when a guest has accessed our community. I wait about 30 minutes after they arrive to check in on them. How I contact them depends on their preferred method of contact, sometimes it's via What'sApp, sometimes it's via's messaging system (email), or I just call the landline of the house.

30 minutes usually gives them enough time to look around and see if everything is up to their standards or not.


1 year ago
Chad Davis

I am usually not present. I leave a hand-written note. It seems to be popular, as I also get many hand-written replies from guests. I put the WiFi access code in prominent place near the entrance. I always send a message around an hour after the arrival time, just to welcome them and encourage them to feel at home.

If I am present, I give them a quick tour of the apartment and re-iterate some tips from the online guide to the apartment. I also offer them coffee or tea.

1 year ago


Very interesting topic. We usually sent message welcoming message when they make reservation or day before their arrival. Important thing is to expect them, say hello, invite them on your house and offer homemade drink and specialities to feel the spirit of area in which they are coming. Have a short converasation with guests to know few things about them. The key is to be simple and natural. It works and guests know it and appreciate when you behave nice with them.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot with this topic which is very useful.


1 year ago
Laura, Communi…

These are great tips, thanks everyone!

Do you use a welcome email template? If so, check out our featured post this week to share the wisdom. :-)

11 months ago

Mates you are most amazing. Honestly your tips and positive critiscm to new comers like myself add value to an extent I am unable to explain. Without your tips/crtism some of us would remain on this steep learning curve for much longer than is necessary.

So I appreciate you all because I know one day I will get it right and be stars like you.

Have a blessed Sunday mates.

kind regards quite a steep learning curve for me but you guys are just amazing, really amazing.

Stay blessed


4 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Hello guys!!!
Thanks for posting your tips...
This is my Welcome Letter to my English guests made by my granddaughter...
Guests really appreciate that a little girl took the time to draw something for them.
Keep well...

3 months ago
Mashi Niwarthana

Ms. M,
It's so cite an attractive. Love it. She is very creative.

And this is the most important topic.
Normally i send a welcome message to the guest when they made the reservation and after they arrived i serve a fresh welcome juice and help them to feel as their home.

I think that's the best thing.

2 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Mashi thanks for compliment. I think guests appreciate when we show them that we care about them.
Take care...

2 months ago