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Last minute booking, noisy guests and my rights in such situation.

Hello everyone,

Yesterday received a call on my mobile: "we are outside the flat, how can we pick up the key and check in?!" I was confused and in panic as according to my calendar, I had no reservations for that day. Found out that guests booked 30 minutes ago and immediately came to check in! Ok, after lots of hustle for me (had to ask time off work etc) I checked them in. When I saw the guests I realised they are a group of young guys and girls up for fun. I specifically attracted their attention to the rules - no parties or events, no noise after 11 pm, there are plenty of clubs and pub around for having fun so "please, no parties in the apartment" . In the evening I received a call from y neighbour letting me know that "your guests are making lots of noise in the close and outside in the street". Dealt with it as much as I could at that point, today these guests are going to check out and hopefully, I will find the place in a reasonable state.
My questions:
1. How can I prevent last minute bookings?
2.  What do I do if the reservation was for 4 people but a few extra turned up later and stayed?

Basically, in general, how hosts can protect themselves from guests of that kind?

Thanks in advance for responses.



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Fantastic! Exactly what I needed, thank you!!

11 months ago
Lucky Pete

You can set the minimum amount of time a booking can be made.

Clearly state the house rules re numbers and that additional fees will be levied if more than those booked stay. If that is the case then charge their credit card that fee.

11 months ago