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Listing cancelled by booking.com and no reason given

Hi I have advertised a couple of properties with booking.com for 2 years and have a 9.6 review level.

I recently listed a new property which I had just refurbished. Over the following month we took 6 bookings through Booking.com all in the summer. Then 3 days ago I found that messages to guests were not going through. The I saw that my property was "closed" and I had an email with a termination notice attached. It referred to a material breach of contract. I contacted booking.com immediately and was told over the phone that i could only email a query. I did so and received a reply saying that the property was closed and they could not give me a reason for security reasons. After complaining again I received a mail yesterday saying they could reopen if I had 10 review on AirBNb (its a new property so I dont) or I could do a video from the property. I emailed to say yes.Around the same time Booking.com cancelled all the bookings that have been made. One guest has already called to ask what is going on. What are guests supposed to do. Booking.com have not given the guests any warning whatsoever.

This is supposed to be a partnership but it clearly is not. They have a tick box type mentality and if something is missing, without investigating , they take a draconian approach. 

Would be interested to hear if others have had a similar experience


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Aaltje B.

What is a material breach of contract? And what does Airbnb have to do with BDC? And why a video of the property?

Did BDC make any excuses ?

Let me know, please.

many thanks

Aaltje B.

1 year ago