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To long waiting for to answer

Do you happen to be waiting for an answer sent via extranet for days or is it only to the Croatian office I sent a question 26.04. and there is still no answer.

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Thuild - Your …

Dear Blagoje,

Support response time for certain non-essential cases has dropped significantly over the past few months.

However, if your issue is urgent, pick up the phone and call the head office, that will get things sorted faster.

I only use the extranet when there are super small things to report or ask of, none that influence the business in a negative way.


Zsolt -

1 year ago
On the Deck

So in Australia the phone support is not set up correctly.

If you dial the number for support a voice says " is this call relates to a booking at your property press1".

Press 1 and a new voice tells you all problems can be solved on the web just enter your booking number and 4 digit pin. At this stage I have become a guest not a property owner and have the guests with problems staring at me over the reception counter like I am a fool.

Be good to get this rectified.

1 year ago

@Blagoje Supic BDC support has gotten worse in the past years. It can take up to a week for support to confirm the reciept of a message and then even longer to sort out the issues. It seems that there are not enough people in support who can actually 'support' and there are too many people in support answering messages who cannot 'support'

@Zsolt we agree that phoning can often be quicker to get the issue into the system but as it is not written down it gets mixed-up and lost.

1 year ago
BIRK husky B&B

I do not get answers from them either - have tried for almost 3 months now to find a solution to payments to booking com that i cannot charge since we do not have a regular card machine. They just ignor us... Very disapointed with them.

2 months ago