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Malicious review score

Hello everyone, 

I wonder if someone might help me with advice as to what can be done in this situation: 

I have just begun renting an apartment and have received 6 "tens" in a row because I really wanted this to take off well and have gone out of my way to satisfy my guests.  But the seventh, to my utter astonishment, came in with "very bad" on all counts.  2.5. Just like that, for nothing. I called the person to see if he did it by mistake but he would not take the call. As you might guess, he did not respond to any messages either. 

I have no idea whatsoever why they left this bad score. And there is no way of knowing now. 

I complained to Booking asking for this score to be removed on account of their statement that "if we suspect a review is not genuine or might benefit a competitor, we will remove it completely" but they decided that they do not want to remove the score. According to them, it was left in line with their guidelines. It may be, but this score is not genuine. If I have 6 persons leaving 10 - can the seventh person leave 2.5 with no explanation. If nothing my wifi is excellent! How can an excellent wifi bi graded as 2.5? 

Is there a way how we hosts can be protected against this arbitrariness? Booking obviously is not bothered too much. "This score will expire after 24 months" - was some of the rubbish they gave me. 

Is there a level beyond the help desk agent and their lack of concern. This low score will damage my business greatly and I would like to persist in removing it altogether if at all possible. 

Thank you for any help you may give me.;sid=6513c43e9ab797ab25d56e6cdaaf09cc;dist=0&keep_landing=1&sb_price_type=total&type=total&#tab-main

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