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minimun stay



i totally new to booking so i posted my condo for booking and i want to make sure that ppl can book only for 5 nights and above. i checked the help and i tried to follow the instructions on how to set this minumun night stay. it says that its under calender but i dont see this option. can you please help me?





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Please make use of the search bar and the Knowledge Base section at the top of the page here.

A detailed instruction can be found here;

There is an outside chance that the minimum stay will not appear in the drop down menu (default setting for some property types) in which case you will need to ask BDC to add it to your account.

I actually find the BDC system the easiest of all the OTA systems to navigate so I'm sure you'll have yourself sorted soon. If you have a question not covered by the above mentioned, then feel free to ask here, a few old hands lurk around these parts and sometimes you need help specific to your property type (i.e. you are condo type while I am hotel type).


2 months ago