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My property isn't bookable in search

Hello, I see this strange message "ARTe a Casa d' Irene (Τέχνη στο Σπίτι της Ειρήνης) isn’t bookable on our site anymore, but we found some great alternatives for you in Rhodes!" But I see my apartment in search and I received an email ... "congratulations on your accommodation appearing on our website, we formally welcome you as a partner and guests can book your accommodation etc ..."

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M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Queenfox so nice to have you here. Rhodes is one of my favorite islands. I have been so many times in your amazing island. Please let us know where exactly in Rhodes is your establishment.

Have you opened your rooms. Your rooms have to be set not in 0 because nothing will work. Check that your Calendar is up to date. You can call your local BDC office and ask them to support you. Once I had problems with my calendar and they fix it on the spot.

Wish you a great season.

21 days ago

Hello M.Adamopoulou,

can you please clarify what did you mean, exactly, by

"Have you opened your rooms. Your rooms have to be set not in 0 "

Thanks a lot

12 days ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi! Sergna3

Your rooms to sell should not be at 0.

Your rooms must show open.

Hope things are cleared.

Wish you a great start season.

12 days ago

And just make sure that your property is opened and verified. You can see that on the home page in extranet, where besides the name of the property there is "open/bookable" in green color or "closed/not bookable". Only if your property is bookable, any change in the settings will work.

12 days ago