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My property is wrongly located

Dear booking administration,
I've been trying to inform you that my property is wrongly located, and I would like you to correct some information concerning the topic.
It is said here that the guest house is 2 kilometers from Tafraout, while in fact it is 46 kilometres away.
The village is called Tiouadou.

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Hi Sahnoun

I'm not from, but a holiday let apartment owner.

If your location is wrong, you need to write to via your extranet messaging system. Also best to deactivate your listing until get it done correctly. This may help you in the case a guest who book your place but complain it is not as described in the location listing.

Hope my suggestions help?


1 year ago

Hi Jenny,

It seems this wrongly location posted by Sahnoun is just the same as mine( Not my input about my location wrongly) which I have complaints more than 20 times for help to Help Centre of and seems that the all reply messages from them were " We have forwarded your complaint to the relevant department about your issue and it will be attended within 3 working days.

It is very frustrating and sad that they are using the same copied messages to reply to complaints and their helping staff are just doing the easy way out and not seriously doing the follow up of my complaints. There is no higher management staff to ensure and oversee our complaints are being seriously tackled and solved.

It took them nearly one and a half months to just correct my wrong location at Main page only but not the wrongly location in my place's description formatted by them. What a professional job of creating the place's description by them and not realising the wrong location in the description as well.

I just have to bring up this matter because their top management has to know about it.

I have many prospective clients who might have booked to me but the place location is wrongly and nobody will book for me is there is no such place in ' Aropong' in Philippines instead it is Baguio City, Benguet in Philippines.

Fortunately i have also listed in other websites such as Airbnb, Expedia and also have my website.

Hopely with this sharing, we hope our next complaint if there is any, can be attended soonest .

Thank you for lending me your ears. Best Regards.

8 months ago