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No option available to set minimum stay!


I'm renting an apartment and I've got my calendar up and running. It's syncd with other calenders so it's all working no problem. The one problem I do have is that i can find no option in the calender to set the minimum stay to 2 nights. Do I need Booking.com to add that feature to the calender? 

see pic for my calender

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Aaltje B.

If you are synced with other calendars (which I also have here) then you go to the one that is the first and most important one that has all the basic info, and all the other calendars will follow automatically.

I have my calendars under the "umbrella" of a channel manager. He has arranged a "Basis - set -up" from which I arrange all the different settings, prices, days etc.

Airbnb is the only ota that is not included since the total price for the guest would be too high. I can now change settings for them separately.

Hoop dat dit duidelijk is.

Ik kan een channel manager van harte aanbevelen, het scheelt heel veel "gedoe" . heb hier maar een huisje, maar toch...

Als dit nog niet genoeg antwoord geeft aan je vraag, voel je vrij om meer duidelijkheid te vragen via dit forum.


Aaltje B. New Zealand.

1 year ago