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How come we had several bookings confirmed for the same dates? How do we tackle overbooking, we thought the system automatically adjusts the calendar? It is so upsetting messaging other guests to request to them to cancel their reservations.

We only have 1 room to sell, so it should be automatically be closed once a reservation is confirmed.


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this all depends on your setup with the channel managers - inventory is generally automatic but you will only oversell if you don t close out via your PMS system. as channel managers sometimes think you have extra rooms if your inventory is not correct which is why it must be checked daily to avoid underselling and overselling.

we have a overbooking limit strategy in place as we have on average a couple of no shows so we like to sell above our rooms. it's not nice to do but it's all about maximizing revenue however Good luck!

This all depends

1 year ago