Problems to reopen my hotel on booking

Hi, I'm the owner of the stonedge Safari Hotel that got destroyed in 2017.

So booking put my hotel closed, I had to pay the last bill of 6us$, but internet bad for more than 1 year, i had to get provisary passport I lost during the storm and had t rebuild, so it took times, you'll see that I paid all bills before. I paid the last one and because they didn't want I pay by credit card, I had to pay 6usd + 40usd for the bank, nonsense, si I just want to be reconnected, what should I do, because I notice booking doesn't like us to connect them, they make it blur. My property was registered under xxx. I'm clean, because what they do I suffered on tripadvisor, like people could see me and any times wanted to reserve, the tripadvisor webste says, we don't have partner but you could check similars hotels, so somewhere I lost money and if booking continue to play like they don't exist, I would be ready to take actions against that nonsense, so now if i don't get connected now, I'll be ready for furthet bad matters.for booking. To be reconnected to tripadvisor, I had no i=other choice that to go too competition, hotels.com, trivago and others, 3 days after I got reservation already so I konw I can prove booling slow me down. So what would you do now?


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