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Rating System

I would like to suggest to that you reconsider the items in the rating system that affect our review score. They seem to apply more to hotels/motels than they do other types of properties.

Example: we have log cabin rentals and florida condos. we do not have staff, we clean, book, and rent our on properties. The guests have no contact with us except through the website communication...and yet they are asked about staff.  There needs to be something more appropriate.

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I completely agree

1 year ago

I would like to add my two cents worth:

SELF-CATERING ACCOMMODATION ESTABLISHMENT you are going backwards and are so deceitful, especially after recently announcing that you are improving your guest review rating system.

Today I received another anonymous review (despite the recent announcement to abolishing anonymous reviews - how flippant and deceitful you are

Instead you are now encouraging guests to RATE on COFFEE ... ???

We are a Self-Catering Accommodation Establishment (a small business which is affected by thoughtless and unfair reviews)

Why on Earth would encourage guests to rate an accommodation business on their complimentary coffee?

We are NOT A COFFE HOUSE - despite the fact that we actually offer Moccona instant coffee, Vittoria grounds (with plunger) and Vittoria coffe pods (with pod machine) ...

ALL our coffee is COMPLIMENTARY and as a self-catering accommodation establishment, guests make the coffee themselves ... GO FIGURE!?


1 year ago