Reservation for two guests and stayed four

Recently I have received a resevation for two guests (genius) and I was very disappointed when I find out that they have stayed four people and one baby instead. They tried to trick me and not to understand it.The last day left the house in a panic to pick up their staff  immediately.I did n't know how to handle this situation and prefered to let them go by not saying anything. But which is the right way to handle situations like these? 

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Alex Budget Re…

Cameras outside the property and extra charge for visiting guests. If you see them on the camera and go to the location to find all of them there they have a choice to pay extra charge or leave! Also if you have an extendible couch in the property layout...take it out I would say. To me it happens often! They see the couch in pictures and think they can extend it but it is blocked. I open it when they are 4 guests. Good luck!

10 months ago